Grow Room Design & Construction


  Want a light tight & secure, secret room equip with some of the industry’s best growing equipment and ventilation?

 We can make that happen! 

Not only do we specialize in grow equipment; we are also experts in grow room design and construction. 

Contact us today to schedule a free appointment with one of our grow room design specialists. 

Green House Concrete & Construction

Green House Concrete And Construction

  Want an awesome greenhouse in your back yard or at your farm that will make your neighbors jealous?

 We can construct your greenhouse using raw materials or pre-purchased greenhouse kits. 

We can do ALL concrete and construction as well as attach your greenhouse to existing structures like your home. We are able to do commercial sized, large scale greenhouses for your farm or property as well. 

Our contractors are all licensed and insured.

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.



  Ready to set up a grow room but unsure where to start? Have spider mites and plants that look like crap? What to optimize your CO2 Levels?

A consultation will let you ask questions, receive answers and develop a plan. 

Call us today so we can help!!!

We have been in the game since 2007!!!

We have some of the best growers and farmers from Northern Missouri ready to assist you.  Either over the phone or at your grow; We got you covered! Scroll down to start chatting with someone from our REAL Growers Network. 

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